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Sunday, May 16, 2010


The climate of the Canadian Shield varies. In the North the temperatures are very cold with an average winter temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and a summer temperature of 10 Degrees Celsius. The growing season is only about 60 days and in the winter the sunlight hours are about 5.5 hours while in the summer 18.5 hours. In the South the average temperature in the winter is -8 degrees celsius while in the summer, 22 degrees celsius. The growing season is about 120 days while the daylight hours in the winter are about 8.5 and 15.5 in the summer. The Canadian Shield on average gets 200-300mm of rain in the summer and 1200-1500mm of snow in the winter. It is hard to make general statements about the climate on the shield as it is so large.


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